Secrets by Hemingway

Listen to Secrets by Hemingway on Juss Russ Radio. Hemingway shares his latest new song called Secrets on Soundcloud. Hemingway offers Secrets up for free streaming and free download "limited time only," when you connect with the artist on his official Soundcloud profile page. Secrets is a song is about a girl who is in a relationship with someone but tends to find herself always texting Hemingway persuading him to be with her. Hemingway goes  on to explain that the guy she is with isn't right for her and that he could give her everything that she wants and needs. Learn more about Secrets by Hemingway on Artist Sounds.

Quotable Lyrics

She texts me late at night, snap chatting me things that I like, Your calvins fit just right, let me take them off of you tonight, Posting pictures on your instagram, captioning it with its all for him, but if its all for him, why are you sending me videos like a film - Hemingway


Artist Sounds

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