Hennessy Jones - Barry Allen

Take a moment to listen to the song “Barry Allen” by Hennessy Jones on Juss Russ Radio. Hennessy Jones makes his debut on Juss Russ Radio with a trendy new Hip Hop record worth that second listen. The song is called Barry Allen. My debut album "Enter The Mind" was very conscious and full of messages and my fans and friends said they wanted the "fun music" from me again so I created Barry Allen! Tribe Eternal is runnin' the game like Barry Allen, the fastest man alive! Inspired by the hit CW show "The Flash". Upon first listen you can immediately tell your listening to a polished artist who has more than likely been working on his sound and craft over time. Hennessy Jones is ready to say the least. Putting on for the city and looking to make a name for himself in the underground Hip Hop community Hennessy Jones is ready to take on all challengers.