HORNS - need me some bands, hoe

Take a listen to “Need Me Some Bands, Hoe” by HORNS on Juss Russ Radio. Here today in a rather rebellious fashion is up and coming Trap artist HORNS with her latest single “Need Me Some Bands, Hoe”. The young femcee shows up and delivers a straight banger that displays the more arrogant and braggadocios side of her repertoire. These days she’s letting her listeners know that she ain’t discussing anything unless the conversation is coming with some dollar signs attached to it, and rightfully so. HORNS has been doing her thing and remaining consistent in pushing her sound eclectic aesthetic to Hip-Hop fans online and abroad for quite some time now. Her charisma and personality continues to evolve with each and every release so the fact that she has earned her self an identifiable core fanbase comes as no surprise to us. We’re excited to see what the future holds for her as she continues to progress through her career and develop more as an all-around artist. Take a moment to check out ‘HORNS’ new single “Need Me Some Bands, Hoe” now on Juss Russ Radio and be sure to follow the emerging Trap rapper now on SoundCloud if you like what you hear.