Hyway Jackson - Presidential(Music Video)

Watch Presidential by Hyway Jackson on Juss Russ Radio! Hyway Jackson is a artist who has beat all odds from Atlanta, Georgia. Born into the inner city slums Hyway Jackson fought everyday to smash through the prison walls of his past. It was his vision to become a recording artist. You only need 1 person to believe in you, to give you a chance. His believer was super-producer Christopher Starr. Taking him under his wing, he coached him on the business of the music industry and what it takes to be successful. Even if you have a outstanding coach you have to be teachable. Hyway Jackson turned out to be a extraordinary student. Using his life experiences he was able to lay tracks down about his troublesome past and use his vision of the future to serve as a positive example to others. Proving that you can be whatever you want to be regardless of your situation. You have to start with belief in yourself, a dream and a goal. To keep in tuned with this talented young man, be sure to follow him on you Tube.