I-NZ feat. Rey Fonder - Quit Acting (Song)


Stop what you’re doing and listen to “Quit Acting” by a hip hop artist known as I-NZ feat. Rey Fonder. I-NZ is a New Zealand MC based in Dubai and is taking the music scene by storm with his new wave of music. Born in Scotland and raised in a household of lawyers with deep interest in politics I-NZ's music can sometimes have a political undertone. He discovered his love for music at the age of 24 in Dubai, soon after he found himself affiliated in a rap duo called the "Traknotz". The "Tracknotz" released a nationwide hit called "Dubai" that led to a morning show interview on 104.1 Radio 1. Since 2015 I-NZ has embarked on his solo music career with a sound that can bridge his Eastern roots with his Western upbringing. "Quit Acting" is I-NZ's latest release relating to those who feel the need to act a certain way dictated by the norms of society. To listen to "Quit Acting" right now simply click the link above.