Izzy Meraki - One

Izzy Meraki

Stream One by Izzy Meraki on Juss Russ Radio. Izzy is a Rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Born in Nigeria but raised in Philly, Izzy has a unique background that only enhances his Rap career. Izzy loves to create audio art, and music that is emotionally based. One his latest in a line of hits, is about breaking the chain of conformity in society. Izzy will be graduating from Penn State in May, being raised that to be successful, one must conform to societies rules and go to college to get a degree. He has no desire in switching directions and giving up on his life dreams. Graduation day for Izzy is freedom. Freedom from the chains that has bound him. One will surely inspire those that precede him; do not give up on your dreams. To stay in the know; connect with Izzy on Soundcloud.