Jah Brickz - Wave

Wave Jah Brickz

Listen to Wave by Jah Brickz on Juss Russ Radio. Making his debut on to Juss Russ Radio is a new hip hop artist by the name of Jah Brickz. After teaming up with fellow rapper J.S. Nova, the two deliver a solid new club banger called "Wave." The song definitely has a wavy feel to it that is brought together by the artists and the clever production. According to Jah Brickz he is on a mission to introduce the world to the New Jersey way through their hip hop music movement titled #Wave16. You can stream the latest new songs by the hip hop recording artist when you connect with him on his official Soundcloud profile page. Learn more about Wave by Jah Brickz on Artist Sounds.


Artist Sounds

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