Jake Kalmenson - Ready To Go

Ready To Go Featuring Justine Thompson by Jake Kalmenson

Listen to Ready To Go featuring Justine Thompson by Jake Kalmenson on Juss Russ Radio. After releasing his last song on Soundcloud around 4 months ago, Jake Kalmenson is back with his latest upload Ready To Go. The story behind the creation of this new song by Jake is quite interesting to say the least. Asking him, he will tell you "I just took a song I created for a class project and uploaded it to Soundcloud." Sounds pretty simple. Almost to simple for such a well produced, well written and beautiful vocals added in by Justine Thompson. Maybe fate brought the two classmates together for this hot new future bass track, who knows. What we do know is, we hope to hear some follow up projects by the duo again soon!

Quotable Lyrics

And I really don’t wanna fall in love, Unless we fall in love, But for now I’m not ready to go, I really don't wanna move too fast and just repeat the past, But for now I’m not ready to go - Jake Kalmenson

Artist Sounds

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