Jason Jani - First Friday @ Wileys

Jason Jani

Listen to Friday Night @ Wileys by Jason Jani on Juss Russ Radio. Making his debut on to Juss Russ Radio is Jason Jani with his live mix on First Friday @Wileys. Jason Jani is an EDM producer and DJ currently making a name for himself with his original sound and house mixes. the SCE Event Group teamed up with Jason Jani to present an epic night at Wileys where Jason Jani incorporated a live mix of clever popular songs, hip hop remixes and trap EDM. You can even hear the crowd live in the event vibing out with the energy and filling in the words to their favorite songs and parts. You can stream the latest new uploads and projects by Jason Jani when yo connect with him on his official Soundcloud profile page. Learn more about First Friday @Wileys by Jason Jani on Artist Sounds.


Artist Sounds

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