Jay Elle - Commitment Issues

Jay Elle

Check out Commitment Issues by Jay Elle on Juss Russ Radio. Jay Elle is an RnB artist on the rise hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Born into a family of entertainers she was introduced to music, acting, dance and fashion at a very early age. Wanting to be unique she cultivated her own sound with a fusion of Hip-Hop and Rhythm 'n' Blues. Just listen to her sing and you will feel an instant burst of seductive and hypnotic emotions. Commitment Issues is about two people seeing each other romantically but one is afraid to commit to being in an official relationship. Jay Elle is our 'lady' in the song and she rejects every reason that has been presented for she feels they are just excuses. She digs deeper to find the real issues at hand. Although he will not commit, she knows he is the only one she wants to be with, which brings her to a crossroads. What to do? At one point in time we have all been there which makes this such a relative track. Stay in the know by connecting further with Jay Elle on Soundcloud.