Jay G - On Top Of The World

Take a moment to listen to the song ‘On Top of the World’ by Jay G featuring Key Marshall on Juss Russ Radio. Jay G and Key Marshall make their debut on Juss Russ Radio with an uplifting Hip Hop record with an old school vibe mixed with some new school flare. Jay G is a Cincinnati, Ohio native who began creating music at the age of 15. He is a songwriter and producer with a passion for staying true to himself, his cause, and his audience. He has recorded and performed over 250 records, while only releasing maybe 100 in his career thus far. He is a firm believer of quality over quantity and takes value in releasing music that is unique, has a clear message, and has substance. This song has a lot of potential and already has landed a spot in our top new Hip Hop charts.

Artist Sounds

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