Jay Moore - You Know (LAX)

Take a listen to the song "You Know" by Jay Moore on Juss Russ Radio. Jay Moore makes his debut on Juss Russ Radio by way of Lagos, Nigeria. With a smooth sound and a vocal presence that will surly capture the attention of attentive music fans around the country, Jay Moore is still a mystery to us. This artist makes quality music and somehow his talent was undiscovered until now. The song "You Know" was written by Jay Moore and sets a mood for the listener that allows them to react a few different ways. Its a song you can have a drink to and nod your head. Its a song you can slow dance with that special someone to and its the perfect track to slow down the mood at a local venue club spot. This song will definitely rank pretty high in our DanceHall charts. You can stream new music from Jay Moore right now on Apple Music.