Jay Whipple - Too Much

Stop what you’re doing and stream the song ‘Too Much’ by Jay Whipple on Juss Russ Radio. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jay Whipple; he is a talented Hip Hop recording artist based in Florida. 19 year old recording artist Jay Whipple whose real name is Jeffrey has been listening to Rap music forever which led him to using it as a creative outlet himself. He’s writing all the time and no matter what his mood is he’s documenting it and putting it on paper; perfecting it and turning it in to a song that other people can relate to. He started out just freestyling and has been developing his skills over the last 4 years. This song reeks of potential and for this to be the first time we have ever been exposed to any music from Jay Whipple, we were very impressed with his lyrical ability and his overall sound. He’s addictive and his music makes you want to pay attention to what he’s saying. Don’t sleep on this song or this artist, you can stream more of his work right now on SoundCloud.