Jean-Vier - Mental Ride

Stream “Mental Ride” by Jean-Vier on Juss Russ Radio. Up and coming Hip-Hop artist, Jean-Vier released a moody and atmospheric new jam on Spotify entitled “Mental Ride”. This record features some dope vocal samples in addition to the soulful lyrics and melody provided Jean-Vier which help provide a very eerie overtone which creates a vibe thats nearly mediative for the listener. From the artist’s perspective, this track is all about that need for a mental escape from the things your dealing with on a day to day basis. Life can and will always be a roller coaster-like experience, full of ups and downs as well as twists and turns. Unfortunately when life takes a dip for the worst there’s not always that opportunity to just runaway, take a vacation, or escape the madness. This is where songs like “Mental Ride” come in to play, as it provides you that mental refuge to just let your thoughts go and find the inner peace you need to persevere. I always appreciate artists and emcees that stay true to the craft but also push to innovate and shift the soundscape that we’re accustomed to these days. Salute to Jean-Vier for all he’s doing right now and make sure you all follow the homie on Spotify to stay in the loop with everything he has going. Listen to “Mental Ride” by Jean Vier on Juss Russ Radio.