Jeff Session - Rigamortis Freestyle

Rigamortis by Jeff Session

Listen to Rigamortis by Jeff Session on Juss Russ Radio. Jeff Session is a sensational new hip hop artist hailing out of Virginia. Looking to make a name for himself, releasing his latest new songs on the internet, Jeff Session makes his debut on to Juss Russ Radio. Jeff shows off his lyrical capabilities with this new freestyle that is expected to be a part of his upcoming project called "Should Of Been," Vol 1. Learn more about Rigamortis by Jeff Session on Artist Sounds.

Quotable Lyrics

Got me fighting off demons that come at me by the legion yeah fuck who you  all believe in run tell em that's it's my season I blessed a beat without sneezing from morning,night time to evenings he's dead amen he's dead amen and this is rigamortis use to catch me in the taurus my soul is from out this orbit god body the son of horus I don't need no fuckin chorus - Jeff Session


Artist Sounds

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