Jet $moov - Pain Upon My Soul (Let It Go)

Tap in to “Pain Upon My Soul (Let It Go) by Jet $moov on Juss Russ Radio. Sometimes the hardest thing for an artist to do is simply admit his flaws, or put their pain and insecurities on front street for the world to hear or see. However, sometimes doing just that could be the one thing that sets you apart from the crowd and shows the world that you are truly something special that they should take notice of. That would be the case for the up and coming Hip-Hop sensation that we are highlighting today, Jet $moov. He recently released a new heartfelt Hip-Hop record entitled “Pain Upon My Soul (Let It Go) via AudioMack for free streaming for his listeners to enjoy. This record really peels back the layers of Jet’s artistry and showcases a side of him that his audience doesn't see often, which is one that is honest, transparent, and unapologetic. Jet $moove obviously has had a lot on his chest and takes the chance on this track to let listeners know about what he’s been going through and how he has been able to deal with it all on a daily basis. This is a nice joint to vibe too whenever you’re alone and searching for that right record to speak to your spirit and offer some enlightenment to your situation. Follow Jet $moov on AudioMack now and be sure to download his other tracks to get familiar with the sound and the name. Stream “Pain Upon My Soul (Let It Go)” by Jet $moov now on Juss Russ Radio.