JGE Retro - Monopoly$

Take a moment to listen to the song ‘Monopoly$’, by JGE Retro on Juss Russ Radio. JGE Retro is a multi-talented rap duo based in St. Louis, Missouri with a knack for turning old fashion trends in to new ones. Aside from their addiction to retro fashion the two artists are looking to bring something fun and energetic to the music industry. Their sound is youthful but still purposeful at the same time. Retro has became one of the most sought after groups in St. Louis. The Duo was created by Shad and Lil Shawn; both St. Louis natives who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Shad, is known as the laid back lyricist of the duo. His vocal delivery is strong, forceful, yet flashy. Growing up in the industry and watching the success of the St. Lunatics under his fathers (T Luv) management, Shad knew right away he wanted to be an artist. His plan is 'To kill the game in every aspect.’ Lil Shawn, on the other hand is like the energizer bunny always coming up with something new and ready for anything. His lyrics are fun and relatable with a smooth delivery. Looking up to his uncle ‘Nelly' and his music career, Lil Shawn found his passion for music. To Lil Shawn and Shad 'JGE' Stands for 'Jackie Gabrielle Entertainment.' Jackie is the mother of Lil Shawn and Gabrielle is the mother of Shad. Retro was later added to separate their name from other members of the JGE organization. Don't sleep on Lil Shawn and Shad of JGE Retro. This won't be the last time you hear us mentioning their name here.