Jigsaw Da Don - Transferred Energy

Stream “Transferred Energy” by Jigsaw Da Don on Juss Russ Radio. Jigsaw Da Don has been on a serious reign early in 2019, staying consistent with his releases and keeping his fanbase fed with the music they have come to know and love. His newest single, “Transferred Energy” is one of his more conscious and reflective pieces today, and really offers a more insightful take on just how complex Jigsaw Da Don’s mind and approach to music can be. This joint popped up on Spotify about a week ago and since then has been receiving a substantial amount of positive feedback from his core base, whom never hesitates to let the emcee know how their appreciation for his craft. The record itself speaks on the idea of energy being contagious and how the energy you put out into the universe will always be reciprocated tenfold. Jigsaw Da Don stresses this in order to let his listeners know that it is always important to stay cautious and conscious of the energy your projecting as well the energy you surround yourself with. Jigsaw Da Don never fails to leave his listeners with some food for thought, and the way his flow and wordplay pieces together this conceptual soundscape it’s safe to say he didn’t disappoint or skip a beat this time around. Follow Jigsaw Da Don now on Spotify to here more music from the up and coming Hip-Hop sensation. Stream “Transferred Energy” now by Jigsaw Da Don on Juss Russ Radio.