JoshFromThaBlock - Make A Way

Take a listen to this new record released by JoshFromThaBlock called "Make A Way", on Juss Russ Radio. JoshFromThaBlock makes his debut on to Juss Russ Radio with a fresh and original Hip Hop record worth that second listen. The Song “Make A Way” is based on real life situations. Whether it’s struggling with bills or trying to find a way out to a better life. There's billions of people across the country who are trying to figure out the next step to make a way in life. Every one knows life is not easy but somewhere we have to make ends meet. We have to “Make A Way” to provide for our families and our loved ones. This song is super relevant and will resonate with not just fans of Rap and Hip Hop but a plethora of other genres as well. Hear more from JoshFromThaBlock by following him on SoundCloud.

Artist Sounds

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