J.Roche - NOS


Check out NOS by J.Roche on Juss Russ Radio! J.Roche is a independent Hip-Hop artist out of Buffalo, New York. He is studying at The University of Buffalo and working to bring back the art of rap. In today's music it is so easy to get caught up in the melodies and catchy chorus, but when was the last time you truly paid attention to the lyrics? J.Roche promises to never water down his material, and he will continue to get better with time. NOS is about bringing things to light. This is a hard hitting  track making it know not to cross his line of business. He is about to put the rumor mill to rest once and for all. When you need to break free from the pack...all ya gotta do is step on the gas, then the NOS. To catch up with J.Roche be sure to give this latest hit a like and connect further with him on Soundcloud.