Juan G. - See Everything

Juan G.

Check out See Everything by Juan G. on Juss Russ Radio. Juan G. is a new Hip-Hop artist expanding his skills out of Atlanta, Georgia. This track was just dropped April 14 and is already up to almost 3000 plays. Juan is a laid back kinda guy who loves expanding his knowledge and has a very eccentric musical background. He loves all genres and that is the making of a great musician, He does has a few favorites such as Jazz, R&B, and Hip-Hop but he can get down to it all. He wants to create music that stands out in the crowd, something you will remember him by. See Everything relates to his gift. He has a way with people, some people are better at fixing things, others at painting. Beside being a talented artist Juan has the ability to see through people and read them with incredible accuracy. Stay in the know with Juan G. by giving this a like and following him on SoundCloud.