JUIC3 - Take My Love

Listen to “Take My Love” by JUIC3 on Juss Russ Radio. JUIC3 is an emerging R&B/Soul artist that has been making waves and carving a name for herself early and often during 2019. She most recently dropped a moody and introspective new jam entitled “Take My Love” via Spotify for her fans to enjoy. JUIC3’s eccentric approach to R&B alongside her captivating image have all served to comprise a formula for major success for the rising sensation. In regards to “Take My Love”, JUIC3 definitely shows her more vulnerable and emotional side, which makes for a record that connects directly with the hearts and minds of her fans. She doesn’t make songs for the radio, she crafts records that you can dance to, listen to, but most importantly live too in a timeless fashion. All she needs to do at this point is remain consistent and she’ll be a household name in no time. Follow JUIC3 on Spotify to hear more jams from the up and coming R&B superstar. Stream “Take My Love” by JUIC3 now on Juss Russ Radio.