K-Star & HD-1000 - U U (Official Video)

Stop and watch the official video “U U” by a couple of artist known as K-Star and HD-1000. Coming out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida the married hip hop and r&b music duo brings new flavor to the music scene. K-Star is originally from Chicago, IL and HD-1000 is a Brazilian-American from Pompano Beach, Florida, together the couple resides in Broward County, Florida. "U U" is a song that uplift's being in a relationship it describes the connection between lovers that cant get enough of each other. This is an organically sexy song that relates to today's young adult and also portrays the much anticipated intimacy between two lovers. This dynamic duo writes music that focuses on different types of relationships involving love, intimacy, ups and downs, and pain. "U U" will hypnotize you and make you want to cherish every moment with your significant other. To watch "U U" right now simply click the link above.