Kaarter - Madison


Listen to Madison by Kaarter on Juss Russ Radio. Kaarter is new Rap artist from Altoona, Pennsylvania. Music has the power to reach far and wide, speak every language, and even control our pulse. Of the many genres of music that exist, rap has always been at the root of urban culture. It has undergone evolutions of change, but certain sensibilities have stuck with rap from the days of its origins to now. Creating a rhythm and carrying a message are the heart and soul of rap music. While a strong message has become lost in a mainstream mess of exploitation, money, sex, material possessions and decadence, there are still artists who stand by their roots. Kaarter is a true prophet of the underground, holding true to his passions and originality. Madison is an exemplentary example of this. Keep up with Kaarter by connecting with him on Soundcloud.