Kayden - Amsterdam

amsterdam by kayden.JPG

Currently based in Chicago, IL - Kayden is an up and coming singer/songwriter making a name for himself with his edgy take on electro-pop. Take a listen to his new single 'Amsterdam', which was originally uploaded to Soundcloud for free streaming and is now available on most paid streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play. Kayden is no newcomer to the music scene. He has actually been active for the last two years on and off sharing his latest remakes to popular industry titles to show off his skills. The song 'Amsterdam', however is by far one of his most popular singles and displays a confident, pop-friendly, care-free side to the artist which gives new listeners an idea of the man behind the music. For this to be our first time being exposed to music from Kayden we were pleasantly surprised by the polished original production and overall sound he displayed. You can stream new songs and get more familiar with the artist Kayden by connecting with him on social media and on Soundcloud.

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