KDAWG - Welcome To My World (Official Video)

Watch the “Welcome to My World” (Official Video) by KDAWG on Juss Russ Radio. One of the biggest services an artist can do for themselves is be honest and not be afraid to show some vulnerability. Doing these things opens up the doors for fans to gravitate toward you and connect with your message in a completely new way. See the thing is, it’s easy (especially in this game” to create facades and portray an image of a lifestyle that you may not even really live on a daily basis. You guys know what I mean too — everyday on instagram we see another rapper flexing, acting outrageous just to grab our attention as so to say “look at me, I have this, I have that” and half of the time the stuff you see doesn’t even really belong to them. That’s why we have to appreciate artists like KDAWG. The guys that stay true to the essence of Rap and don’t sugar coat their truths. Instead they intensify and find a way to squeeze a message of motivation and inspiration out of the music for us to live too and appreciate. Stream the “Welcome To My World” (Official Video) now on Juss Russ Radio and make sure you subscribe to KDAWG’s YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss out on any new releases.