Ya Highne$$ - Keep It Thoro (Remix)

Take a listen to Keep It Thoro (remix) by Ya Highne$$ on Juss Russ Radio. Brooklyn, New York stand up because hip hop emcee Ya Highne$$ is here to take over the game and reclaim his crown! This rapper is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, and is sure to leave them in the dust on his way to the top. His style stays very true to classic hip hop culture, by keeping a sound that imitates many Brooklyn Legends. Keep It Thoro is the crown jewel, with impeccable flows and lyrics, and production that will hit you like a shot of whiskey to your chest. As an added bonus, Ya Highne$$ gives us a pleasing video to go along with this already top notch track. Please check out more from this very promising artist and connect with him on YouTube.