Kelvin Frazier, PH.D. - Missin You

Tap in and stream “Missin You” by Kelvin Frazier, PH.D. on Juss Russ Radio. R&B/Soul artist Kelvin Frazier dropped in with his sensual new single entitled “Missin You” recently and I must say, it doesn't disappoint. Kelvin Frazier has been on a roll as of late, picking up the frequency of his releases as he seemingly prepares us for the delivery of his next full-length project. “Missin You” is definitely the type of song I would gravitate toward more when I’m having one of my gloomier days, or find myself deep in thought even. Frazier has a knack for crafting songs that tend to pull on the more emotional chords of his listener’s and never lacks in exposing his willingness to be vulnerable on his songs. This vulnerability is the essential aspect of his sound and the reason his fans have come to love and know his sound so well. All Kelvin needs to do at this point is continue evolving his sound and expanding his demographic. His vocal tone and songwriting ability all cater toward the more mainstream demographic of today, so catch this wave before it catches you! Follow Kelvin Frazier, PH.D. on Spotify now to hear more of music from the rising R&B superstar! Stream “Missin You” by Kelvin Frazier now on Juss Russ Radio.