Kettie Munroe - Misfit

Kettie Munroe

Listen to Misfit by Kettie Munroe on Juss Russ Radio. Making her debut on to Juss Russ Radio is a talented recording artist based in the city of Boston, MA. From the Virgin Islands to the city of Boston Massachusetts , a crystal child was born on December 31st 1992. Growing up in the 90's her musical influences were Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Madonna, The Spice Girls, & The King of Pop himself Michael Jackson. By 8 years old Kettie Munroe discovered her great gift only to take her imagination to another realm. By the age of 13 she was already writing and composing songs working on her most powerful tool, her voice. Over the years she has recorded and written several pieces of work giving you twisting goose bumps with her harmonies and lead vocals. You can stream new songs like 'Misfit' by Kettie Munroe when you connect on Soundcloud.