Khalif Bryant - Mary

Take a listen to “Mary” by Khalif Bryant on Juss Russ Radio. Hailing from Virginia Beach is up and coming Hip-Hop hitmaker, Khalif Bryant. The young emcee blessed his fans with a new joint entitled “Mary” which appeared on SoundCloud last month for free streaming. Khalif uses this eerie Trap production to express his infatuation with weed and how he uses it for therapeutic purposes. Obviously his vice of choice, Khalif Bryant flows and croons his way through this joint as he paints a clear picture of his issues with the women in his life and the other stresses that tend to succumb him as a man and as an artist. Khalif has a ton of potential, with his melodic capabilities and songwriting skill — it takes little effort for this cat to come up with primetime hooks and song ideas. His main challenge will be simply promoting and marketing his sound to the world in a way they can easily digest. Check out “Mary” by Khalif Bryant on Juss Russ Radio and give the rising Hip-Hop star a follow on SoundCloud now.