Kian - K.I.A.N.


Listen to K.I.A.N by Kian on Juss Russ Radio. Making his debut on to Juss Russ Radio is an EDM producer looking to coin his own sound calling it "Psychedelic Bass." K.I.A.N. stands for King Initiating All Noble. With this song Kian looks to establish his newly found original "sound" in the music market. According to Kian this song will initiate all those noble into a brand new wave of music never before heard or seen. Kian looks to combine his middle eastern instrument, the Santoor, along with synth one shots and stabs (from the moog), sub bass, and drum samples with a little bit of word play giving the overall track a hip-hop-y, psychedelic, electronic vibe. You can stream new songs and projects by Kian when you connect with him on his official Soundcloud profile page. Learn more about K.I.A.N by Kian on Artist Sounds.


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