Kincaid - Get Down

Stream “Get Down” by Kincaid on Juss Russ Radio. Rising Pop superstar, Kincaid delivers a vibrant and upbeat new single entitled “Get Down” via recently and has not looked back since. Obviously understanding of the fact that consistency is key in this game, Kincaid has been working hard to up the quality and frequency of releases during 2019. Writing hits has never been a challenge from the newcomer on the Indie Pop scene as he always had a niche for crafting catchy hooks and creating records that speak to the issues and experiences of the everyday man or woman. “Get Down” as a single is one of the more commercially appealing songs that Kincaid has released up to the date. His melody and braggadocios hook in addition to the acoustic driven production, all serve to make this song the perfect summer anthem both in sound and tune. Kincaid looks to show fans that his creative palette extends well past what they’re accustomed too and proves that with due time, his sound and talents will only continue to evolve and improve. The majority of Kincaids music can be found on Spotify and Apple Music so make sure you follow the emerging sensation on those platforms to stay updated and connected to what he has going on. Stream “Get Down” by Kincaid now on Juss Russ Radio.