Kincaid - How I'm Livin

Take a listen to “How I’m Livin” by Kincaid on Juss Russ Radio. Back again with another catchy jam to hold over his already avid fanbase is up and coming Pop artist, Kincaid. The up and comer stuck to his regular method of release for the deliverance of his new record entitled “How I’m Living” via Spotify. It seems that this is the primary place that Kincaid likes to submit his music, and with the new integration of the social media capabilities, I can’t say that I blame him. He is amongst the new era of independent artists that have found success in marketing and promoting his music in creative, low budget, and innovative ways in order to craft a fanbase for himself and build a buzz. Singles such as “How I’m Living” are the epitome of what makes Kincaid such a bright star amidst the heavily saturated market of indie artists today. How though? It is songs like these that speak directly to the everyday situations that all of us, regardless of color, age or creed, tend to go through. The ability to craft records that connect with his listeners in this aspect is what has allowed Kincaid to build such a tangible, long-lasting connection with his listeners. Follow Kincaid on Spotify to hear more music from the rising Pop sensation. Stream “How I’m Livin” by Kincaid on Juss Russ Radio.