King Zodiac - Watch

King Zodiac

Check out Watch by King Zodiac on Juss Russ Radio. King Zodiac is an Experimental artist from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Since the young age of 12, King Zodiac knew what he wanted to do, to make music that meant something. Music was his outlet, a way to communicate. Watch is a prime example of his commitment. Growing up with little help, doubters, haters and surrounded by negativity; Watch proves that if you are diligent and believe in you, you can make great things happen. You hear the frustration, hurt, disbelief and anger coming through, how helpless one feels. Yet despite all of the tribulations, you also hear success, accomplishment and the message loud and clear. Step out of my way, WATCH me! To stay up to date with the latest from this talented artist, connect with King Zodiac on Soundcloud.