KKa$h - Ricky Bobby

Take a listen to the song “Rick Bobby” by KKa$h on Juss Russ Radio. For those of you who didn’t catch his last release and are still getting familiar with this recording artist we encourage you to take a seat and dig in to his discography. Ricky Bobby is an energetic song creating its own wave in today’s sea of music. Written by KKa$h an 18 year old artist from Houston Texas. His sound is youthful and infectious. Ricky Bobby is from his first mixtape Oozeamaki, which is now available for download and streaming everywhere music is sold online. Even though he comes from Houston which has a very distinct sound his sound differs. He uses melodic hooks with playful punch lines to keep the audience engaged. With every song that he drops you can hear his greatness increase. The only thing we can say is jump on the wave now. You can connect with this artist on SoundCloud for free streaming.