KThaRuler x Black Majik - Keep Grindin'


Take a listen to the song "Keep Grindin" by KThaRuler and Black Majik. Based in Michigan, these two artists are responsible for the project "Brothers of Destruction" and "Keep Grindin" gives you a taste of what you can expect from the project. This was our first time being exposed to any music from KThaRuler and Black Majik and we must say that they have a fresh approach to Hip Hop that is awe inspiring. Your not going to turn on a song from KThaRuler and Black Majik and it sound like mumble rap slapdash music. There's a level of quality and tenacious delivery over bass-heavy production these two artists bring to the table. Don't sleep on this song or these artists. You can follow them both on their separate SoundCloud accounts in order to be in the know when it comes to new releases and free song downloads.

Artist Sounds

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