Ladybread - There Goes God

Take a listen to the song "There Goes God" by LadyBread on Juss Russ Radio. Ladybread makes its debut on to Juss Russ Radio with an Alternative Rock single with plenty of depth. There Goes God is about the atrocities we commit in the name of God. If everyone who ever claimed God was on their side was right, then God must switch sides a lot. Ladybread is a collective of musicians headed by Mike LoCicero who composes the music and lyrics. The roster varies for live performances, but everything heard in the music on Soundcloud is played and home produced by Mike. What he tried to do with this song, and the rest of the album Hush, was to create unpredictable transitions or rhythmic changes. There are some time signature changes throughout bouncy verses and a driving rock chorus. You can stream more from this collective by connecting with them on SoundCloud for free streaming.

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