La'mon De'shun - Purple Kisses

Stream “Purple Kisses” by La’mon De’shun on Juss Russ Radio. La’mon De’shun is one of the hottest up and coming Hip-Hop artist rising to stardom so far in 2019. He recently looked to Spotify to release a banging new single entitled “Purple Kisses”, which puts a scope on the humble beginnings La’mon De’shun endured while growing up. Now for those of you that don’t know, La’mon De’shun has been making noise since late 2017. He debuted his music on SoundCloud for free streaming, like most aspiring emcees of today and immediately saw people from his local area begin to gravitate toward his content. His style and lyrical ability have all come together to form a sonic concoction that all true Hip-Hop fans would deem as pure and true to the genre. If La’mon De’shun is able to stay consistent and keeps releasing Hip-Hop songs that truly resonate with the everyday man and woman, it’s safe to say he’ll be around in this game for a while. Follow La’mon De’shun on Spotify now if you want to hear more music from the up and coming emcee. Stream “Purple Kisses” from the “Where I Come From” project now by La’mon De’shun on Juss Russ Radio.