Lance Hendrix - The Hold Over

Stream “The Hold Over” by Lance Hendrix on Juss Russ Radio. Lance Hendrix has been in his bag thus far in 2019, remaining consistent with his releases and doing all that’s necessary to sustain his core fan base and keep the buzz surround his music expanding. On August 17th, the talented up and coming emcee decided to gift fans with his latest free project entitled “The Hold Over” which was initially distributed through AudioMack. This 9-track body of work was released as a type of preliminary project to whatever full-length concoction Lance has churning up for his fans behind the scenes to release at a later date. After first listen, “The Hold Over” was an impressive curation of diversified tracks for the rising emcee in my opinion. It allowed for Lance to demonstrate his versatility as an artists as well as provide his listeners with a more in-depth perspective of his sound overall. I wouldn’t classify his sound as traditional Hip-Hop as it definitely takes much influence from the more modernized sound we are used to today. However, Lance does stay true to the genre as the majority of his tracks lay focus on the flow, the bars, and the message — which is essentially what Hip-Hop/Rap is all about. Stop what you’re doing and take a listen to this new project, “The Hold Over” by Lance Hendrix now on Juss Russ Radio and be sure to download the project via AudioMack if you enjoy!