Lartist Yan - Dream

Listen to “Dream” by Lartist Yan on Juss Russ Radio. Emerging Pop artist, Artist Yan released a smooth new track entitled “Dream” most recently via Spotify. This song is all about going after your goals and grinding to make a dream come true. Be prepared for the curves in the road and the obstacles that may lay ahead, because no worthy amount of success is achieved overnight. Speaking of which, Lartist Yan has been on a vigorous tear in 2019, staying consistent with his releases and feeding his fanbase plenty of content to keep them clinging on to the up and comer’s movement. As a vocalist, Lartist has one of the purest tones I’ve heard in a while, and with his ability to write catchy songs with substance - it’s safe to say this guy will find his home in the industry sooner rather than later. He strives to create music that resonates with the masses and connects with them on both a general and personal level. With his versatility and polished songwriting ability, all Lartist needs to do now is focus on how he’s going to market himself and expand his fanbase. Follow Lartist Yan on Spotify to hear more music from the rising Pop sensation. His monthly listeners have been on steady increase on the platforms so show some love and help him continue to elevate his platform. Stream “Dream” by Lartist Yan on Juss Russ Radio.