LE - Call It Love


Musicians have always been the creators of culture’s soundtracks by reflecting the times through beats, bars, and melodies. But every once in awhile an artist comes along that not only mirrors the current times, but creates a culture of their own. LE is one of those rare and versatile ones. From rock to gospel to R&B, LE gives birth to beauty, fun, and freedom through his work as a musician, producer, vocalist, and songwriter. LE’s goal is to disrupt culture’s normalcy and to free people to be authentic and loving without the chains that societal standards often put us in. LE states, “Music is more than just sound. It’s bigger than one genre. It’s a tool to free the burdened, create new worlds, and become our authentic selves. His goal is to tear down the walls of genres, rules and stereotypes and to have as much fun in the process.