Leo Wilde - Puppet Master

Leo Wilde

Check out Puppet Master by Leo Wilde on Juss Russ Radio! Leo Wilde is an Alternative Rock artist creating a following out of Los Angeles, California. Creating music at the age of 10, Leo grew up with dreams of making music. He started attending Musicians Institute to receive his Audio Engineering Certification at age 19. He worked at a recording studio for almost 2 years gaining experience and honing in on his skills. In 2010 he began focusing on his writing and lyrical content. In 2013 he started a promotion company in California, now releasing tracks on a regular basis Leo is showing the world what he is really capable of. Puppet Master was a spur of the moment track, the greatest usually are. The song speaks to a more dark and honest side of how he feels toward the current sociological situation. Give Puppet Master a like and be sure to follow him on SoundCloud.