LICHWOOD - The Descent

Take a listen to “The Descent” by LICHWOOD on Juss Russ Radio. Emerging EDM artist LICHWOOD, released a vibey new soundscape via SoundCloud recently entitled “The Descent”. This track is one of their darker and moodier sounding records that is sure to stimulate fans mentally as they listen. LICHWOOD has built a niche for being able to create soundscapes that blend elements from music we hear in the mainstream with riffs and breaks of their own that create a unique sound altogether. LICHWOOD looks to keep the momentum in full swing this year, staying consistent with releases and even providing visual pieces here and there to compliment them. In this track orchestral choir meets ripping synths to create a truly unique sound that can only be categorized as experimental bass music. Each “drop” has heavy influence from rock breakdowns and even includes guitar layering to help create a grunge rock vibe. In contrast to the grunge guitar, a clean and eerie synth guides the melody and grounds the electronic nature of the track. Stream “The Descent” by LICHWOOD now on Juss Russ Radio.