Lighta6000 - Been There Done That

Tap in to “Been There Done That” by Lighta6000 on Juss Russ Radio. When you’ve been around the block a few times, there’s not too much in the world that can catch you off guard. Emerging Hip-Hop artist, Lighta6000 understands that there is certain poise and mentality that the struggle brings about in those who embrace it. A mentality and a poise that makes it nearly impossible for you to fall off your path or mission once you really figure out what it is and get committed. Lighta6000 uses his new single, “Been There Done That” in order to speak on this and let his listeners know, that just because he may not be a veteran in the Rap game doesn’t mean he hasn’t been putting in work in his own way for a while. Sometimes we just have to enlighten folks, and that’s exactly what Lighta6000 does on this record. He raps with passion and conviction, sprinkling in a few charismatic moments to let us know that he isn’t afraid to toot his own horn or highlight his own accomplishments. This is a great song to play whenever you’re kicking it with your homies or just trying to get something popping’ and need a little extra motivation. Follow Lighta6000 on SoundCloud to hear more music from the up and coming Hip-Hop heavyweight. Stream “Been There Done That” by Lighta6000 now on Juss Russ Radio.