Lij Perez - Curtain Call

Lij Perez

Listen to Curtain Call by Lij Perez on Juss Russ Radio. Making his debut on to Juss Russ Radio, Lij Perez was born & raised in San Antonio, TX and is making a name for himself at just 17 years old. Despite being the only musically inclined person in his family, he valued the power of music at a young age, at which he began to develop his sound, which was initially influenced by growing up listening to classic & emo rock, although he now takes inspiration from many other genres, including but not limited to pop, indie rock, & pop punk. He is self taught in singing, piano, guitar, & many other instruments, in which he plays every single one in all his songs. He has recorded & mixed all of his songs on his own on various equipment throughout the years, & has promoted his material primarily by social media & word of mouth, securing a very small following, & even releasing an EP independently. After going through many different genre shifts, alias changes, collaborations, & the motions of solidifying his sound, Lij is now making music under his own name, primarily churning out a pop rock sound as heard on the first single, "Curtain Call," from his upcoming full length release. He hopes to make a name for himself among the increasingly large scene of up & coming indie artists.


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