Lil Dyl - I Can't Put The Stars In The Sky

Take a moment to stream a new song by Lil Dyl and killJAKE titled “I Can’t Put The Stars In The Sky” on Juss Russ Radio. Both Lil Dyl and killJAKE make their first appearance on Juss Russ Radio with a trendy new modern Hip Hop record that infuses elements of R&B and Alternative Rock. For this to be the first time we have heard any music from these two recording artists we were really impressed by their sound and abilities to create a radio-friendly record. This song has everything a music fan could want in a song. From a catchy hook, verses that keep your attention throughout and a mashup of genres that would make artists who do the same extremely proud. The song has a great topic which consists of a young man yearning to give his girl everything but she wants something he can’t give. Don’t sleep on this song or these artists, more on the way coming soon!

Artist Sounds

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