Lil Germ & Leavelle - Strange Things


Listen to this new track by Lil Germ & Leavelle entitled “Strange Things”. Leavelle & Lil Germ are new age artists from Northern Kentucky making their first ever presentation on Juss Russ Radio with their new single.  Trying to make it out of troubled time Lil Germ & Leavelle gives this young generation a new perspective.  This song "Strange Things" is about the crazy unbelievable truths these two young artists have seen.  Leavelle & Lil Germ are changing the game by shining a new light on reality.  This song "Strange Things" is the start to something powerful.  Delivering conscious music like "Strange Things" these two young artist seem to have a very promising future in the music industry. Click the link above to follow them on their journey.