Lil Hines x Nino Brown - A Few (Remix)

Lil Hines x Nino Brown

Take a listen to A Few (Remix) by Lil Hines x Nino Brown on Juss Russ Radio. Lil Hines x Nino Brown are Trap artist out of Atlanta, Georgia. Guaranteed to liven up the lamest of parties this newest track is definitely a street anthem. Combining a head noddin' beat with catchy lyrics explains why we are already at over 26 thousands plays. Having been played in the local clubs and on a few select radio stations they are picking up steam daily. As with most of his songs he draws inspiration from personal life experiences. This particular track depicts the traders and haters in your life. They smile in your face but talk about you behind your back. You learn not to trust people and to keep your circle small. Just because this track has been a huge success does not give them time to relax, on the contrary it gives them even more desire to push harder for you, the listeners. To stay up to date with the latest be sure to follow them on Soundcloud.