Lil Quadratic - Fuck Kid Trunks

Take a moment to stream the song ‘Fxck Kid Trunks’ by Lil Quadratic on Juss Russ Radio. Lil Quadratic is an Asian-American Rapper making his debut on Juss Russ Radio with a trendy new Rap record worth that second listen. Lil Quadratic calls ‘Kid Trunks the Asian Lil Pump’ in his new record that isn’t super friendly toward his arch nemesis. Upon first listen you will immediately realize that Lil Quadratic can spit. Hands down he puts together a relevant set of lyrics and targets them towards a specific person. Most of you may not know how hard it is to create a diss track and keep aim at your opponent. It’s pretty hard and the icing on the cake for Lil Quadratic is that he didn’t even really take this song seriously and hopes you won’t either. But all in all respect the kids pen. Get familiar with Lil Quadratic today!