Lil Sleep - No HollyGrove (Feat. MixBr33d)

lil sleeep.JPG

Check out the song "No HollyGrove" by Lil Sleep featuring MixBr33d on Juss Russ Radio. Lil Sleep shared "No HollyGrove" on SoundCloud and the song continues to resonate with Hip Hop fans across the map. Lil Sleep is an alias for a 20 year old soldier in the US Army Medical Corps. Did not have the resources to produce music after graduating High School so he thought it would be smart to join the military- learning unique skills while maintaining a steady income. Now that he has enough money to see his music produced with other soldiers, he wants to see how people respond to his sound. The best part about his sound is the fact that its fresh and original (he doesn't sound like anybody else) and the quality of music he is making is polished work that can be sold. Don't sleep on this artist, follow him on SoundCloud.